Nancy Napangarti Martin

Nancy was born in Willowra Cattle Station on the 13 May 1954. She is the daughter of well-known artist Molly Presley Dancer and her aunty is Audrey Napanangka Martin. She is also cousin to Janet Long Nakamarra.

Nancy was taught by her mother and grandmother to paint at an early age. Her unique styles encompass the diverse symbols of her region.
Nancy married her husband Marc about 26 years ago. Marc is a boat builder by trade, as well as having airbrush, screen-printing and landscape trade skills. He also worked for a considerable period with the Central Land Council.

After their marriage Nancy gave up painting for many years to start and raise her family. In 1985 she began painting again, since then her work has been exhibited in many galleries in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. In 1999 she was selected for ‘Artist in Residence’ at Yulara (Ayers Rock). Since then her works have been bought and displayed by a number of international galleries. Nancy has chosen Desert Art Distributors in Adelaide to represent her works and we have been working closely for the past 15 years.

Nancy’s work has appeared on fabrics, boomerangs, bags, didgeridoos, coasters, T-Shirts, etc. Her works have been in a number of exhibitions including Ayers Rock, The Rock Sydney, Presbyterian Lady’s College in Sydney, and a number of others. Her work also appears in the Nangara collection of contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art. Like her mother and grandparents before her, Nancy continues the tradition of passing on her Dreamings to her sons, daughter and grand kids.

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