Uwalki – Watiya Tjuta


206 × 143 cm

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Aboriginal Artwork Authenticity

Each painting sold comes accompanied with a certificate of authenticity and where possible a photograph of the artist with the work.


About Mitjili Napurrula

Mitjili Napurrula paints in a distinctive and highly recognisable way, representing the watiya tjuta tree, at times interspersed with red Sandhills. The bold shapes and designs are formed to make harmonious images of this important country at her father’s site at Uwalki, near the Kintore Ranges. Her repeated tree motifs represent the women’s side of this Tjukurrpa, showing the trees that are the source of the wood used in spear shafts.

Mitjili’s mother Tjunkayi Napaltjarri taught her some of these important motifs, drawing them in the sand in the traditional way. Mitjili Napurrula has strong connections to Papunya artists – her brother Turkey Tjupurrula Tolson and her husband Long Tom Tjapanangka were major artists in the Desert Art movement.

Mitjili Napurrula has an impressive exhibition history with regular art events dating from 1993.

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Dimensions206 × 143 cm