Flying Ant Dreaming


92 × 61 cm


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Aboriginal Artwork Authenticity

Each painting sold comes accompanied with a certificate of authenticity and where possible a photograph of the artist with the work.


About Gwenda Nungarrayi Turner

Gwenda Nungurrayi Turner is the daughter of Maureen Nampitjinpa Hudson. She was born in 1978 at Mt Allen Station (Yuelamu) near Yuendumu to the North West of Alice Springs. Gwenda’s style is reminiscent of her mother Maureen, which is not surprising since Maureen has passed on her stories directly to her daughters Gwenda and Jillian, who have both been painting since their teenage years. Gwenda began painting when she was just 15 years old.

Gwenda’s works have developed over the last few years. Her style has moved away from that of her mother Maureen and taken on its own elegant signature form. Sometimes using only white paint on black canvas and other times using a wide variety of bright bold colours, her works are becoming more and more intricate as time goes by.

In her paintings, Gwenda often depicts the rivers and sand hills of her traditional country; Warlukurlangu (Bushfire Country). She had, as a young child, travelled with her family through this country gathering native bush tucker and bush medicine around the sand hill country (known as jilja-marra-marra). The sand hills of this area are significant as they support a wide variety of flora and fauna. After any amount of decent rainfall, there is an abundance of new growth, e.g. grasses and small shrubs, which encourage the local wildlife to return to these areas in search of food. This in turn enables the people of this land to easily hunt for these animals.

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Dimensions92 × 61 cm